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My Name is Martha and I am your guide to Genealogical and Historical resources for Mercer County.
I do not live in Missouri, but have roots deep in her soil.
I am an excellent online Researcher and might be able to assist
in locating that missing piece of your 'Ancestral Pie'.

I can be contacted via email: Please use this link.

Mercer County Neighbors:

Putnam ~ Sullivan ~ Grundy ~ Harrison
Decatur, IA

Remember that folks traveled, please check our neighbors for information that might be of value to you in your research.

Search the Mercer County portion of the MOGenWeb
A word of explanation about the Indexes on this page:
Most of them have document images available.
All of the indexes were gleaned from FS or Ancestry and will have that information at the top of the searchable pdf file.

Mercer County History: Wiki
John Francis Mercer

Missouri Maps
Maps from the MO Historical Society
The American Civil War in Missouri
Digitized Newspapers from the Civil War Era
"Route 66"
Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps [Scroll Down]
USGS Maps for Missouri
BLM Records ~ Google Earth

Plat Maps ~ Digital Library of Missouri

Historical Maps:
Perry~Castaneda Digital Maps
USGS Historical Topo's
David Rumsey Collection
Books & Biographies
Roger's Souvenir History of Mercer County
Chapters of Specific Interest:
Casualties ~ Crime ~ Obituaries: Index

Biographies: Index
The Roger's Book is available on Family Search, but it is buried underneath hundreds of images of film.

I am happy to send sections of interest.

If you would rather go to the Images,
they can be found here. [Google Drive]

History of Harrison & Mercer Counties

The Goodspeed Publishing Company: St Louis & Chicago, 1888 [Mercer County, Biographical Section]
Appleton's Cylopedia of American Biography, 1600-1889
Mercer County, Historical Atlas, 1877
Mercer County 1974 Directory
Queries: Please use this link to post to the
New Mail List for Mercer County


The Lookup Page was seriously out of date, thus no current Volunteers.
If you have local resources and are willing to be a Volunteer for Mercer County, Please contact Martha
RAOGK is Available

Missouri "Only" Files are Here
Interested in Other States?
Minnesota ~ Oregon ~ Pennsylvania  & Wisconsin
coming soon... 2 CA Counties, 3 AK Borough's

California Indexes:
Born Elsewhere, but resided in CA
and left a 'Paper Trail'
Historical Images: Family Search
Princeton and Mercer County inclusive

Records that are not available with the traditional FS Search

The Resources are wonderful, but the search parameters and functions are intimidating to the novice FS Catalog Researcher. See the info left for the types of information.


The following will help you get a handle on information that
could be of value to your search for Family data.
The chart linked here will be a decent guide.
To access the Historical Images, log into your FS Account:
Click on Search, then at the top of the page: Historical Images:
You can begin with the search, but if you get lost or cannot figure it all out, then use the chart I have created to access the information.

Backtrack to Search, Catalog, and plug in the DGS Film number
of interest from the Charts in the 'Fiche-Film' slot.

The various types of Records:

Biographies, Births, Business, Church, Court Records, Plat Books, Deeds & Deed Indexes, Probate &  Wills, Marriages & Marriage Licenses, Colored Troops & Vital Records
Time Frames: 1743-1966

Census Records and Draft Registrations were not indexed.

'This Just In...'
The Denver Public Library
has an interesting set of databases
which are free to access:
Mining Accidents: 1839 > 2006
There is an index on Ancestry, but the Library has a search engine too.
Go Here

Another Free Resource

'Century Past' - Free Online Library
Magazines, Books-Fiction & Non Fiction, Articles
History, Newspapers, Biographies, Collections, And More

MO Digital Heritage ~ Reclaim the Records
Missouri Government Archives 
More Odds
Mercer County, FS Wiki - Resources
Mercer County, Manuscript Collections
Missouri Digital Newspapers
Missouri Digital Birth & Death Records [Pre1910]

"What's New"

I have access to the following Subscription
Databases [Library Editions] ~ Fold3 ~ Historic Map Works
American Civil War Research Database
Confederate Newspapers

Reports of Civil War [Union Army] Generals
Source: Gale Primary Sources [Online Library]
"Archives Unbound"
Lookups: Contact Martha

'History Hub' = New Lookup Service

New Databases for "Crime & Punishment"
Missouri State Penitentiary: 1836 - 1931 [Search]
Online Explanation of the Prison & Records
FS: Documents & Records - Explanation & Image Charts
How to Access the Records on Film

LDS Films: 2407222 ~ 2406002 ~ 2405919 ~ 2405920

Family Search Catalog: Missouri State Archives
Court Martial and Military Prison Records
Military Prisoners & Court-Marital Records

Prison Records: Family Search Databases [Film]
1617966 ~ Mc Neil Island
1906: Crime Booklet
956170 ~ Territorial Prison at Yuma, AZ
978902 ~ CA State Prison, San Quenton, 1851-1867 [Index]
978903 ~ CA State Prison, San Quenton, 1851-1867, Register
978904 ~ CA State Prison, San Quenton, 1876-1889, Register
978905 ~ CA State Prison, San Quenton, 1889-1897, Register
978906 - Vol A ~ CA State Prison, San Quenton, List of Convicts, A - C
978906 - Vol B
978906 - Vol C
978907 ~ CA State Prison, Folsom
978907 ~ Register, 1884-1886 [Prisoner #s 11092-12354

More Crime & Prison Records
All Files on Google Drive
Alabama Convicts, 1886-1952
Alcatraz, California, US Penitentiary, Prisoner Index,
Iowa, Consecutive Register of Convicts
, 1867-1970
Montana Prison Records, 1861-1968
New Mexico Department of Corrections, 1905-1958
New York, Sing Sing Prison Admission Registers, 1865-1939
NY, Clinton Prison Admission Ledgers, 1851-1866
& 1926-1939

And More... 'The Espy Files'

Information on Census Records & Federal Prisons

Mercer County Neighbors:

Putnam ~ Sullivan ~ Grundy ~ Harrison [Missouri]
Decatur, IA

Remember that folks traveled, please check our neighbors for information that might be of value to you in your research.

Missouri Digital Heritage: Vital Records
FS has records that the DAR did many years ago
it is worth your time to look at them.
Use the Catalog, key in Mercer County, Missouri, DAR

Gleanings: Miscellaneous Records
Other Resources that contain Vital Record Info:
Voter Registrations, Naturalization Papers
Border Crossings, Baseball [Team] Applications
American Red Cross Nurses, School Records 
Homestead Records
Newspaper Articles
Vital Records
Basic B~M~D Records can be found online.
Begin with Family Search as it is free.

Birth Records are here: 1827-1935 & Here
More Miscellaneous Indexes Here

'Vital Odds'
Colorado: Roman Catholic Diocese of Colorado Springs, Sacramental Records, 1800>1967
above are samples, there is a lot of good information on the indexes:
Data gleaned from FS & Ancestry

Marriage Records:
Missouri Marriage Records, 1750-1920
Missouri Civil Marriages, 1820-1874
LDS Film: 1008217, Marriages 1898-1933
Note, the above records are not in the basic FS Search function, they are from the Catalog.

Marriages in other locations:
Iowa, 1809-1992, Misc States & Counties
Missouri, County Marriage, Naturalization & Court Records, 1800-1991
Funeral Home & Coroner Records
Death Records & DC's

Arizona County Coroner & Death Records, 1881-1971
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia City Death Certificates,

Vermont Deaths & Burials, 1871-1965
Vermont Deaths, 1909-2008
and more
Above Indexes on Google Drive

Missouri Deaths & Burials, 1867-1976 [FS]
Idaho Co., Birth & Death Records, 1863-1967

Miscellaneous Deaths: Other States & Counties
Mercer County Death Records [FS Catalog]
Missouri Death Certificates, 1910 - 1967
Missouri B & D Records, Pre 1910
Missouri Coroner's Database
Missouri Deaths, 1883-1930
[FS Browse, No Mercer Co]
Amerrican Historical Society of Germans from Russia,1899-2002
California, Oakland, Alameda Co., Newspaper Record Collection, 1985-2011
Canada, Obituary Collection, 1898-2018
More Canadian Records Here
Clan Diggers Genealogical Society, Obits, 1969-2002
Pennsylvania Obituaries, 1977-2010
San Diego [CA] Tribune Obituaries, 1993-1994

And more

Obituaries: Old RW Files ~ Reformatted for Reference

Family Search: Genealogy Bank [Lookups Available]
FS: Genealogy Bank, B: Missouri, D: San Luis Obispo County, CA

[Lookups Available]
FS Multiple Obit Databases

Mercer County Cemeteries
The above link has info from the old RW Files
Map of Cemetery Locations

There were 66 headstone images in the old RW files with no
reference to a Cemetery. They are here.
If you know where these folks are interred, please
feel free to download the photo and put it where it

Additionally, here are some 'Odds' for Cemetery Information
Arizona, Maricopa, Mesa City Cemetery Records,
Find~A~Grave: Born in Missouri,
Died in San Luis Obispo County, CA [Lookups]

Cemetery Records on Google Drive
Find~A~Grave, Burials at Sea and other Select Burial Locations, 1300's - Current
F-A-G, Canada, POB: Boone, Franklin, Howard, Mercer,
St Louis
California Cemetery Transcriptions, 1850-1960

Soldiers of the War of 1812 Who Are
Buried in the State of Missouri
A -  L ~ M  -  Z

Missouri Historical Society
University of Missouri: Digital Library
U.S. Federal Census - 1880 Schedules of Defective, Dependent, and Delinquent Classes
The above data is on Ancestry. If you cannot find a child on the 1880 Census, try it.

"Ancient Faces"
From the Old RW Files: Photos with Family Names
Also: Mercer County: Now and Then [Old Photos]

Mercer County School Ledger: 1888-1912
Reformatted: Searchable pdf

"This is copied from a school ledger purchased by my aunt, Pat Osburne Bassett, at an estate sale in Cainsville, Missouri. My grandfather, Cleo Osborne, was raised in Cainsville (Harrison County), and his name is on the roll in this book. In another section of this ledger, his mother, Alcinda Osborn, was listed as a student, and Alcinda's father, John Osborn, is listed as one of the school directors.

Some pages are very faint, and the different years w
ere recorded by different individuals and some of the writing is hard to read. There are known errors in this ledger; for instance, on some of the pages my grandfather was listed as a girl, but I have made every effort to copy this record as it is written. A few years did not list the gender of the student, so the ages are placed all together in a separate column.The first page says:
'The "STANDARD" School District Record
Designed to Establish a Uniform Method of keeping the DISTRICT RECORDS in Accordance with the Laws of the State of Missouri'.Inserted in the pages of the book was a Teacher's Certificate, naming J. W? Harrison, dated Sept 15, 1893."
Copied by
Linda Osburne from
The "Standard School District Record"
School District 9, Township 66
Mercer County, Missouri

"Miscellaneous Odds"
Missouri 'Only' Indexes here
Many types of Information: for example:
US Post Master Appointments, 1832-1971
Passenger Lists & Employment Records [GD]
Brooklyn, NY, Bethlehen Steel Shipyard Employment Cards, 1908-1965

Native American Tribes of Missouri

Quarries and Beyond
'Gone but Not Forgotton: Missouri Pioneers'
Missouri First Families
A History of The Pioneer Families of Missouri, 1876
Missouri County History Project
Historic Towns of Missouri

Search the BLM ~ FS Land Records: Missouri
Missouri Property Records Search
Mercer County, Assessor's Office
1930 Plat Book, Mercer County

Probate Record Indexes: LDS Film 1008221
1849 - ? Court Papers, Estates
A - B, C - D, E - G, H - K, L - M, N - Q, R - S, T - Z
Find an item of interest, then go here
Here is a small index of Probate Dates & Vols
that goes along with the above film#

Early Will Records of North Central Counties of Missouri
Compiled by: Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry
[Date Unknown, might be 1960's]
There are 4 MO Counties in the book, the indexes and pages here are for Mercer.
The whole book is available in the FS Catalog
The index is here. ~ Pages for Mercer are here

Missouri 'Only' Indexes here
Many types of Information:
for example:
US Post Master Appointments, 1832-1971
Passenger Lists & Employment Records [GD]
Brooklyn, NY, Bethlehen Steel Shipyard Employment Cards, 1908-1965
Canada ~ Deaths & DC's ~ Marriages ~ Vital Odds

US Naturalization Records, 1840 - 1957
Google Drive
These records are for women who married Alien's and lost their Citizenship. When the relationship was terminated, they could apply for Citizenship under an Act passed in 1936.

More Odds:
Masons of Mercer County

Genealogical Information: Lineages
Contributions to the old RW Mercer County Site
Reformatted for Reference

Want a new way to do Family Research and
contribute to the USGenWeb?
Join the MOGenWeb
As a County Coordinator
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Military: Historical and Genealogical
Missouri in the Wars...
Missouri in the American Civil War
Battles fought in Missouri ~ The USS Missouri
Military Forts in Missouri

Military Records: Google Drive
Read Online or Download
Confederate App's for Presidential Pardon, 1865-1867
PA GAR Membership Records, 1865-1936
NY Abstracts: WWI, 1917-1918
US Army Deaths, Updated to include Mercer County
US National Homes for Disabled Vol. Soldiers, 1866-1938
Iowa, Armed Forces Grave Registrations,
US Military & Naval Academy Applications,
Register of Patients at Naval Hospitals, 1812-1934
US Army Indian Campaign Service Records, 1815-1858
Washington Soldier Home Records, 1891-1945
US Army Deaths, 1860-1889
And More...
Records [6 MO Counties]
Search the DAR, the GAR or the SAR

Missouri Confederate Records
Revolutionary Pension Roll: Residence Missouri
Soldiers of the Great War [Vol 2]
US, List of Interred of the US Army, 1827-1889

1890 Veteran's Schedule: Residence, Mercer County

Military Forts of Missouri: LDS Films
Annie, Camp, MO, Film 8431606 Macon, MO, Film 8362007
Belle Fontaine, MO, Film 8361988Marshall, MO, film 8362009
Bloomfield & Blue Springs, MO, Film 8361989Mexico, MO, Film 8362009
Butler, & Bryne, Camp, MO, Film 8361990New Madrid, MO, Film 8363568
Calhoun, MO, Film 8361991Rockport, MO, Film 8431617
Cassville, MO, Film 8431608Rolla, MO, Film 8363821
Crane Creek, MO, Film 8361994
Salem, MO, Film 8360961
Danville, MO, Film 8431611Savannah, MO, Film 8345722
Everett Peabody, Camp, MO, Film 8431612Schofield, Camp, MO, Film 8345722
Fayette, MO, Film 8364866Scott, Fort, MO, Film 8361424
Forsyth, MO, Film 8431613Sedalia, MO, Film 8361428
Franklin, MO, Film 8431613St Joseph, MO, Film 8431618
Grant, Camp, Mt Pleasant & Wellsville, MO, Film 8361997St Louis, MO, Film 8431545
Greenville & Greenfield, MO, Film 8361997Staunton, Camp, MO, Film 8362021
Hannibal City, MO, Film 8361999 Sturgeon, MO, Film 8362021
Huntsville, MO, Film 8362000Sulphur Springs, MO Film 8362021
Independence, MO, Film 8362385Taberville, MO, Film 8362022
Ironton and Pilot Knob, MO, Film 8431400Tipton, MO, Film 8362023
Jefferson Barracks, MO, Film[s] 8407386, 8431402, 8431043, 8345561, 8431404, 8362417, 8431405Warren, Camp, MO, Film 8362025
Jefferson City, MO, Film 8345563Warrensburg, MO, Film 8361656
Kansas City, MO, Film 8261430Warrenton, MO, Film 8362025
Lamine Contonment, MO, Film 8362003Waynesville, MO, Film 8361688
Lexington, MO Film 8362478 
Linn Creek, MO, Film 8362005 
Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis, MO, Film 8362548

Military Record Database Indexes: FS / Missouri
Alabama, World War I Service Cards, 1917-1919
Arkansas Confederate Soldier Home,1890-1963
Delaware, World War I Servicemen Records, 1917-1919
Iowa, Grand Army of the Republic Membership Records, 1861-1949
Minnesota, Grand Army of the Republic Membership Records, 1869-1940
Mississippi, World War I Service Cards, 1917-1919
Missouri Confederate Records
Nebraska, Grand Army of the Republic, Burial Records, 1861-1948
Ohio, World War I Statement of Service Cards, 1914-1919
Oregon, Grand Army of the Republic Membership Records, 1870-1930
Pennsylvania, Grand Army of the Republic Membership Records, 1865-1936
Revolutionary Pension Roll of 1835
South Dakota, Grand Army of the Republic Membership Records, 1861-1941
Utah, Grand Army of the Republic Membership Records, 1879-1934

War of 1812
Military Bounty Land Warrants: Missouri, 1815- 1858
LDS Film # 983163
The table below indicates the Alpha Ranges & Image Numbers
The Warrants are here
 I am happy to send batches of the hand written indexes.
Send a note with the alpha range of interest
Alpha Range Img #s
A - Bur13 - 25
Burr - Dam26 - 35
Dan - Fra36 - 45
Fra - Hei46 - 55
Hel - Kne56 - 65
Kni - Mor66 - 75
Morg - Pett76 - 85
Perri - Sar86 - 95
Sau - Tay96 - 105
Tay - Zim106 - 119

"The Fine Print"
 Mercer Coordinator:
Martha A Crosley Graham
The MOGenWeb State Coordinator is
Denise Woodside

Information contained on all of the pages within the Mercer portion of the MOGenWeb may be used for personal genealogical and historical purposes. Please be considerate of copyright information and give credit where credit is due: Any and all donated data will remain with the County in the event of the resignation of the County Coordinator. If any person who donates material in the future and wishes to have it returned to them, it will be accomplished upon request.
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